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In practice since 1985, Dr. Christensen strives to discover and correct the underlying cause of your health problems. Understanding that the goal is not simply to heal the body but in many instances to heal the life. Expect straight and honest dialog with an emphasis to assist you in getting well as quickly and economically as possible. In using nutritional supplement, I understand that the reason for taking a supplement is so that you don't have to take supplements any more. True healing can only occur when the body is cleansed and nourished. Read More
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Books and Manuals
Healing @ Home Series Manuals:
$20 - Cold Laser Therapy
$20 - Allergy Elimination
$20 - Herbal Remedies
$20 - Healing in the Kitchen
$20 - Emotions, Angels

$18 - Book: Herbal First Aid and Health Care - by Dr. Kyle Christensen, published by Lotus Press - Also available from Amazon.com

Tools and Supplies
$40 - Cold Laser
$20 - Air Lock Lids - for making fermented vegetables (set of 2)
$25 - Allergy Treatment Vials (set of 10)
$6 - Treatment Magnet
$60 - WonderBox with Stainless Steel pot, instructions & recipes
$30-$35 GuaSha tools
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